In experimentation: 'An Undesirable Chinese Guest' a new novel being written by Ieuan Dolby.


The Short Blurb

In first person narrative, Bob, a Scottish, typically middle-class father of three allows a stranger from China to stay in his home in Edinburgh. Chang, an enormously large and repellent guy is soon abusing Bob's doorbell and with him is an unexpected female companion from Vietnam. With frequent tantrums, sulks and displays of arrogance, the obvious result of a one-child policy and the attention given to an eldest son, Chang creates daily havoc in the Robinson's household - leading to fireworks between Bob and his wife, the military-precise Lynn.


The Main Characters:


Bob Robinson: The proverbial middle-class wage earner, slightly boring, frightened of his wife and a great big softy.


Lynn Robinson: Confirmed homemaker, militarily precise, fierce and protective, likes everything to be arranged in her order.


Chang Lee: Chinese, overweight, arrogant, spoiled and petty but with a heart of gold.


Dung Nguyễn: Vietnamese, slim, beautiful, mysterious, sarcastic and silent.


Mary Smith: Next door neighbour, pretty, likes to talk about the weather with Bob.



Chang Arrives

The Girl

Chang Meets the Family

A Conversational Attempt

The Confrontation

The Hotel Incident

The Christmas Incident

A Morning Tantrum

Christmas Day and the Relatives

Boxing Day 

Day trip to Glasgow

A Pint at the Local

New Year’s Eve



NOTE: This is a work in progress. The format has largely been set, most of the chapters written and with work progressing on whacking it into publisher ready and worthy shape. Updates, will be made here on a regular basis and, once ready, the first chapters will emerge, to be read and enjoyed.