With desire to fill a notable void in commercial maritime fiction and drawing upon life's experiences, both in Scotland and Asia, Ieuan has authored a variety of books that blur the all-restrictive genre boundaries.

At a young age Ieuan rapidly noticed, despite the inherent romance, travel and cultural shocks that a 'life at sea' invoked and the immense impact that such an industry has on all of our daily lives, how most authors remain on the beaches, unwilling to get their feet wet. Indeed, his decades of voracious reading adequately confirmed that not since the likes of Hammond Innes has any author made accurate effort to take the real merchant navy into the sitting room. In fact, the last great author to do so was Tom Clancy but whilst his writing achieved critical acclaim and his adventures were indeed thrilling, Ieuan points out that his ship and shipboard descriptions were often factually incorrect or at the very least glossed-over for a landlubber audience.

Many years ago and after having sailed around the world at least twice, Ieuan visited his local hairdressers for a quick trim. As per usual routine a conversational tidbit was thrown out by the hairdresser:

The hairdresser said, "So, what do you do?"

Ieuan replied, "I'm an engineer in the merchant navy."

A long pause followed during which the suddenly deafening 'snip' of the scissors broke the obviously strained silence. Then, with hesitant reluctance, the hairdresser rekindled the subject, where perhaps she should have chosen a new one.

 She said, "Oh ... so what do you do when ... erm ... you're not fighting?"

Ieuan, completely stuck for words and of course without a whole day to break such a loaded question apart, replied, "Err ... we play cards."

And so the silence descended once again; a black-cloud status-quo that neither participant was willing to break.

This apparent and open ignorance laid the foundation for the writings that soon followed and what will undoubtedly be a large part of Ieuan's future output.

Ieuan's wife now cuts his hair.



 fall of the suns cover

Title: Fall of the Sun

Status: Published 21st October 2014


ISBN 10: 150330678X

ISBN 13: 978-1503306783

Word Count: about 88,000

Genre: Maritime Fiction/Crime/Humuor

Places to buy: Print/Ebook at Amazon (UK)(USA)(JP)(CA)

Brief Blurb: Mad crime gone wrong with a cast of buffoons and an extremely tall preacher, a pretty captain and Ray, the MI6 agent.



Title: The Pickled Memory of Captain Silas E. Parks

Status: Published 15th September 2015


ISBN 10: 1515202275

ISBN 13: 978-1515202271

Word Count: about 88,000

Genre: Humour/Maritime Fiction

Places to buy: Amazon (UK)(USA)(JP)(CA)

Brief Blurb: Twenty sea-hopping misadventures of the retired and pickled captain as he props up the bar at his local.


Title: The Diary of Ben Small, First Tripper

Status: Under the pen

Word Count: 80,000 about

Genre: Diary/Realistic Fiction

Places to buy: TBA

Brief Blurb: Naive, scared and alone: the diary of a first trip cadet thrown into the clutches of a gruff captain and a mad crew.