Three Gripping Novels by Ieuan Dolby

"crime at sea - alone at sea - drunk at sea"

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Fall of the Suns

A Thai buffoon, a self-obsessed Lithuanian, guns, a pretty captain and a preacher? It's a disaster - never mind the pizza delivering secret agent, a kidnapping and the one falling in love!

The Pickled Memory of Captain Silas E Parks

With a frequently replenished glass, Captain Silas vividly recounts a life at sea, one filled with disaster and mayhem and invariably whilst he was 'three sheets to the wind'

The Diary of Ben Small, First Tripper

Naive, barely out of school and thrown into the mad clutches of a gruff captain, an obnoxious chief engineer and a drunk crew, it can only get better?

"sea, ships and seafarers - salt but no sails"



The Past and the Present 

Many moons ago, as a naive wee kid, I fell into an unexpectedly lengthy career as a sea-going marine engineer in the merchant navy. Twenty-five years were soon swirling in my wake: I had reached the heady heights of chief engineer and I relocated ashore as a technical superintendent for a UK based ship-owner

Ieuan Dolby, Maritime WriterStill with an avid thirst for adventure, my family and I lived the expatriate life in Singapore where, as a marine surveyor and consultant, I advised on and investigated numerous ship casualties and incidents. These included sinking vessels, super-yacht fires, tanker groundings and metal-screeching, fully-laden collisions in Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.